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Vendor's Policy

Shield and Bow piloted having vendors on site in 2023 and it was very successful! Vending for 2024 will again be free but you must be a registered and paid for full festival or weekend attendee. You cannot vend under a day pass. Vendors and any assistants should fit the profile of Shield and Bow attendees. Shield and Bow is open to all cis and trans women as well as non binary folks who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women. We go by the pronouns she/her/they/them.

Please review our Vendor's Policy before arriving. All vendors must adhere to the Vendor's Policy.

Vendor Registration will open March 1st.


Please check out the General Vending Rules, Insurance, Licenses & Taxes, Restrictions & Limitations located on this page. Please also check out our Vendors FAQ located on our FAQ page.



1. Vendors can begin set up on Thursday before Shield and Bow opens, or at any time after that.

2. Hours for vending are restricted. You may be open: Friday 3:30-6:00, Saturday 3:30-5:30, Sunday

11:30 -1:00.

3. You must register, pay and be assigned a vending spot before setting up your site. Spots will be assigned on site on a first come first served basis.

4. There will be no electricity provided. Generators are highly discouraged.

5. There is vehicle access to the vendor's area for setting up. However, your vehicle must be moved after set up. (If you have stock or valuables, please make alternate arrangements.) There will be no vehicles allowed in the vending areas. This includes people who want to sleep in their vehicles.

6. Shield and Bow and Raven’s Knoll are not responsible for loss, damage or theft of your set up or goods.

7. The vending area still has to be determined and will be based on how many vendors register. The vending area will likely be near our feast hall at Standing Stone.

8. There is absolutely NO food or beverage vending, body piercings/modifications or tattoo vending allowed. No sale of products with THC or CBD more than 0.2%. This is for the safety of our guests and to ensure we conform to municipal, provincial and federal regulations.

9. Alcohol (homemade or otherwise) cannot be sold onsite at all during Shield and Bow.

10. Shield and Bow's logo and/or name CAN NOT be used on merchandise you sell.

Insurance, Licenses & Taxes

1. You must have vendor's insurance. You will need to provide the policy number and company when you complete the vending registration. You must have this insurance in place, and the required information provided before you set up.

2. Insurance must cover your goods/services, as well as any and all people who are selling for you.

3. Vendors are responsible for ensuring that any licenses, regulations and standards of their trade are followed. For example, municipal licenses, health care regulations, etc. must be followed, and any insurance or consent forms provided to patrons, if necessary.

4. Each vendor is responsible for conforming to provincial and federal rules for collecting and remitting applicable taxes (HST, etc.).

Restrictions & Limitations

1. Vending is restricted to the vendor's area only; vending in other areas is not permitted.

2. You must bring your own tables, chairs or other elements. You cannot use the RK picnic tables, white or green chairs, tables, etc. These are reserved for the general use of all Shield and Bow guests.

3. We ask that all vendors to restrict their vending size to 10X10.

4. You are not permitted to sell restricted or prohibited weapons, as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada, or any other illegal goods or services.

5.Hours for vending are restricted. You may be open: Friday 3:30-6:00, Saturday 3:30-5:30, Sunday

11:30 -1:00.

To register for vending, please visit our vendors registration page.

General Vending Rules
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