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  • Is the campground open for regular camping?
    Yes, the campground is open for regular camping. This means your family/friends/babysitter who are not attending the event are welcome on site but the event in its entirety is closed to non attendees.
  • Who runs the festival?
    The festival is completely run by volunteers. All staff, workshop hosts, security etc. are volunteers associated with the S and B community.
  • How much is the festival?
    The festival has a tiered pricing system. You can find the information under Pricing here on the website.
  • I have a question not answered here. Who do I contact?
    Please send us an email to and someone within 72hrs will get back to you.
  • I'm atheist, new to Paganism etc. Am I welcome?
    Yes. This event is welcome to all 16+ who identify with womanhood and is not based on your spirituality.
  • Is there indoor space?
    There is a LIMITED number of trailer spaces to rent on a first come, first served basis. Trailer space is $10 per night. To possibly reserve a space, send an email to Please note that while we will put you on a request list, trailer assignments/bunk mates are assigned and coordinated by the stewards of Raven's Knoll.
  • Do you allow discrimination against other gender identities?
    No. We encourage an environment where we do not build ourselves up by tearing others down. This type of behaviour will be kindly discouraged.
  • What is the age range at Shield and Bow?
    Each year, we get a range of attendees from 16-60+.
  • Is anything on the program mandatory?
    No, nothing for the event is mandatory. This is your festival experience, you may participate in as little or as much as you like.
  • I'm not a regular camper, what should I bring?
    Here is a list to get you started: Shelter (tent, trailer, etc) A sleeping pad/mattress/foam etc. WARM sleeping blankets. It can get surprisingly cold at night in June. Clean sleepwear Clothes for rain or shine. Layers are key depending on the year. Cotton soaks up water so keep that in mind when packing. Boots and/or closed toe shoes. Bathing suit Towels Food Something to cook food on Cash. Quarters for the shower. Toiletries. Small first aid kit that includes band-aids. Any medication you take. Flashlight Chair Bug spray A bag/cart to transport your belongings between event/workshop locations.
  • What is included in the festival rates?
    Festival fees (excluding day pass holders) cover a camping or trailer spot and access to everything listed on the program. Some workshops have a small fee attached to help the hosts with costs (such as a felting workshop). This is rare and will be clearly defined in the program.
  • Can we have a personal fire?
    During Shield and Bow, no personal fires are allowed. We have communal sacred fires. Please do not throw anything into our fires without the express permission of our dedicated fire keepers.
  • When is the festival?
    The festival will be held June 6-9, 2024.
  • Will male identifying people be on site?
    As the campground remains open to the public, there can and will be male identifying people on site. Attendees in the past have had male partners on site to provide child care. All of Shield and Bow's spaces are closed to non attendees. In the past, male identifying people that have been on site while the festival has been operating have been incredibly respectful of our space.
  • What is Sisters Helping Sisters?
    Sisters helping Sisters is a program that helps with entry fees. The program was born in year one when another attendee donated two free entries. Since then, we have offered free entrances through this fund. In May, we will make a post on our social accounts stating that the fund is open to applications. To apply, please send an email to with your name. No explanation for your need is necessary and the fund runs on the honour system. You will receive a reply email with a number. When the application time period closes, we run a live video with a random online generator on our socials and send an email to everyone who has applied. For 2024, the fund is open May 4th-May 12th at 12:00am.
  • Is there an ATM on site?
    There is no ATM on site. Please bring cash.
  • Is there Hydro?
    There are a limited amount of hydro sites. Hydro rates are $17 per night on top of the festival fees. There are phone charging stations for a cash fee on site.
  • When does Preregistration open?
    Preregistration opens May 4th @ 11am EDT.
  • Are trans women welcome at Shield and Bow?
    Absolutely. No matter where you are in your transition, you are welcome. If the statement that trans women are welcome bothers you, this event is not for you.
  • Do you have a rideshare program?
    On our Facebook account in mid May, we start a ride share thread within the current year's event page. If you get a ride, please be on time and negotiate gas $.
  • Where is the festival?
    The festival is held at Raven's Knoll Campground just outside of Eganville. Their address is 10441 Hwy 60, Eganville ON, K0J 1T0.
  • Are children allowed at Shield and Bow?
    Shield and Bow is a 16+ event. Children bring a lot of magic and joy into spaces, but this event is for us as individuals to relax and connect with other adults. Children are allowed on the site to camp as the site is open to the public but all Shield and Bow spaces (fires, workshops, rituals etc.) are closed to non attendees. Your children cannot be left unsupervised while you attend the event. Parents who do not, in the opinion of the organizers, exercise good parental care of their children can be asked to leave without refund.
  • Are there fridges, coffee makers or stoves to use?
    No there are not.
  • I have mobility issues. What is the terrain like?
    Raven's Knoll is 100 acres and mostly flat. Currently, there are campers on site with mobility aids and wheelchairs. If a workshop is located in a more remote area of the land, we do our best to provide transportation so that you may participate.
  • Is food sold on site?
    No, there is no food sold on site.
  • What does the insurance need to cover?
    Insurance must cover your goods/services and any people who are selling for you.
  • I have a question not answered here, who can I contact?
    Please send us an email to and someone within 72hrs will get back to you.
  • Who has to be covered under my insurance?
    Everyone who is assisting you or working in your booth.
  • Can I pay for Shield and Bow at the end of the weekend after I have vended?
    Sorry, no.
  • How much is vending?
    For 2024, vending is free but you must be a paying attendee under the full festival rate or the weekend rate. You cannot vend under a day pass.
  • Do I need to provide a copy of my policy?
    Yes you do. Your insurance carrier and policy number must be provided during pre registration or at the time of your set up.
  • Do I need to preregister to vend?
    Yes, you need to preregister to vend. Pre registration opens March 1st for vendors and is open until June 1st.
  • Can I vend without insurance?
    No you cannot.
  • I require hydro and I'm familiar with the site. Can't I just plug in?
    No, you cannot. We will not be providing hydro or having hydro for vendors this year.
  • Where will the vending area be?
    Vendors will be set up near Standing Stone but we reserve the right to change that location based on the needs of the festival and vendors. The location will be finalized the week of the festival.
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