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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where, when and how much is the festival?


The festival will hopefully be held in person June 8th,9th,10th and 11th, 2023 at Raven's Knoll.

Raven's Knoll is located just outside of Eganville at 10441 Hwy 60, Eganville ON, K0J 1T0.

Fees will be announced in the new year closer to May 2023.

2. When does Preregistration open? 


Preregistration will open May 8th at 11:00am EDT. 

3. Are there trailers available?

Trailer space is very limited and some space is reserved for medical/age requirements. There is an additional fee.

4. Is hydro available?

Hydro is available for an additional fee.

5. Is food sold on site?


No, there is no food plan for this event but ice will be available.

6. What are the age restrictions for this event?

This event is 16+. 

7. I'm "older", is this event for me? 

Yes! Last year we had attendees between the ages of 16- late 50's. 

8. I have young children and no childcare, can they attend the event?

The event in its entirety ( fires, workshops, rituals etc) is for individuals 16+. The exception to this rule is nursing children under 1. Children under 18 are required to be supervised at all times. Your children cannot be left unsupervised while you attend the event. Parents who do not, in the opinion of the organizers, exercise good parental care of their children will be asked to leave without refund. 

9. Is the campground open for regular camping?

Yes, the campground is open for regular camping. This means your family/friends who are not attending the event are welcome on site but the event in its entirety is closed to non attendees. 

10. Are trans women welcome at Shield and Bow? 

Absolutely. No matter where you are in your transition, you are welcome. If the statement that trans women are welcome bothers you, this event is not for you. 

11. Who runs the festival?


The festival is completely volunteer run by members of the Sisters of the Hunt. All staff, workshop presenters, security, fire keepers, site maintenance etc. are volunteers. 

12. I have mobility issues. What is the terrain like at the campground? 

Raven's Knoll is 100 acres and mostly flat. Currently, there are campers on site with mobility aids and wheelchairs. If a workshop is located in a more remote area of the land, we do our best to provide transportation so you may participate. 

13. I'm alone and not sure I should come. Are there any programs in place for new attendees?  

After feedback from our community moot last year, this year we will be introducing ambassadors who will help you settle in and meet new people. We will do our best to be welcoming and to introduce you to people you could camp near.

14. I don't have a ride, how can I connect with drivers going to the event?

On our Facebook account in mid May, we start a ride share thread in the event page. If you get a ride, be on time and tip your driver. 

15. What should I wear to this event?

Anything you darn well want! Have a fancy dress you've been wanting to wear? Bring it. Want to spend the entire weekend in a onesie? Awesome! It is recommended to bring boots if you are participating in archery/ weapons throwing.

16. I have my own bow/ax/throwing knifes. Can I bring them?

Yes you can BUT for any workshops, all personal weapons MUST be approved by the workshop host before use. Use of the archery field is always at your own risk. Be kind to your blades and the people around you and make sure that weapons are properly secured at all times. 

17. Are events/rits etc mandatory? 

No, nothing for the event is mandatory. You may participate in as little or as much as you like. We do recommend the welcoming meet and greet on the Friday evening if you're new.  

18. I'm atheist, new to "paganism" etc. Am I welcome?

Yes. This event is welcome to all (16+) who identify with womanhood and your attendance is not based on your spirituality.  

19. I've been to other events of this nature where discrimination against other gender identities has occurred, is this tolerated or encouraged?

No. We do not build ourselves up by tearing other gender identities down. This type of conversation will be kindly discouraged unless you don't get the hint. Please behave accordingly. 

20. In previous years, there was an invited but unannounced male guest for one event. Will this happen again this year? 

No. After listening to community feedback, all guests who identify as male will be announced. For 2023, we have no invited guests at this time. Please note the campground is open so people who identify as male will be onsite but the event in its entirety is closed to attendees only. 

21. Do you accept donations? 

Yes, we gladly accept donations of candles, solar lights, coffee, markers, fabric etc. Please email us to communicate any ideas you may have ( 

If you have any questions that weren't answered here, please send us an email and someone will get back to you within 72 hrs.

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