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About the Festival

By the Sisters for their Sisters!!!

This is Shield and Bow's slogan. It's one we take seriously and deliver with a lot of mirth and joy, but who are the Sisters and what's this event all about?


The Sisters of the Hunt are a group of self-identified women who have participated in the Trials of Artemis.The Trials of Artemis is a ritual held by the Huntress Council once a year at a large annual Canadian pagan event called the Kaleidoscope Gathering. The ritual chooses one Sister to become the Huntress who is then the symbolic protector and provider to the KG community for one year. The ritual challenges, among many other things, the leadership, wit, and skill of the sisters and can be a day of personal growth, kinship and teamwork. Once you have participated in the ritual, you are considered a Sister.

There is no amount of participation required after the ritual, but many of us have chosen to forge bonds because of this shared experience. These bonds extend well beyond the week of the Kaleidoscope Gathering and throughout the year, many of the Sisters get together for fun, holiday celebrations, work weekends at Raven's Knoll and even a chalet retreat. We have an active private online group where members can share their triumphs as well as their challenges while being safe and supported.  We have an amazing group that has enriched many of our lives.


Most of these events are closed to the broader community and are specifically for the Sisters but that's where Shield and Bow comes in. Shield and Bow is our attempt to bring forward to the larger community some of the amazing gifts and lessons that being a sister has given us. We want to share our joy and energy as Sisters with you! The event is completely volunteer driven and is our spiritual and physical offering as Sisters back to the larger womanhood community. We try to accomplish this through workshops, rituals and events that concentrate on empowerment, authentic relating, fun and skill development. 


 Shield and Bow is a weekend for us as people 16+ who identify with womanhood. It is a celebration of our chosen identity, driven by commitment to community and offered by the Sisters for their sisters! We hope you can join us in person (following provincial guidelines) June 8th,9th,10th and 11th 2023. 

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